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Escher Fucker is an audio-visual group fascinated by an analog video signal and its collisions with digital enviroment. Founded in late 2014, all members were students of the Centre of Audiovisual Studies at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague – Jakub J., Mikuláš K., Kilián K. and Petr Z.. The group’s main focus is the exploration and appropriation of old dedicated audiovisual hardware (PAL DV cameras, audio & video mixers, generic TV studio equipment…) within a context of audiovisual performances concerned with various philosophical and political issues of the contemporary world. These issues are tackled in abstract narratives told through the audiovisual language, built mainly on audio and video signal feedbacks, fractal art, realtime video keying and the manipulation of the material world caught on camera as effected in a live context through a complex circuitry of dedicated video hardware. Escher Fucker and it’s approach aims to blur the lines of the virtual and the seemingly “real”.



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Dead Pigeon Dub + Escher Fucker – FLUX

live @ ALTERNATIVA Festival 2018

dälek – Eyes to Form Shadows (live at Prague)

live at Mayapur Pokojicek + post-production

Toon – “Duckman / Scotch Mist”

music video



e-mail: deadestmotion /at/





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